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Art in Public Places

The Art In Public Places Program supports LAA member artists who choose to show and sell their work in the following venues. Members may sign up in the Fall for the following calendar year. 

All Artists who participate in AIPP must volunteer a minimum of 5 hours.  Someone from the Volunteer Committee will contact you.

All artists display art at their own risk, neither LAA nor the venues are responsible for the safety of your art. Please follow AIPP Guidelines if you are interested in this program. Click here to view AIPP Guidelines. You are responsible for following the AIPP rules, so please read the guidelines thoroughly. Each venue is slightly different and some have recently changed their rules, so be sure to read everything. 

Please use the LAA ID tags which you can download.  

Please use the LAA ID tags which you can download.  

E Chester St., Lafayette

One artist will hang for 2 months, 10-15 pieces. The owner wants the artist to think about the relationship of the pieces as though it were a gallery. Bring your own nails and hammer. No commission. You can have an open house but the artist will provide the amenities. From May to Sept. the artist is encouraged to participate in the second Friday art walk. The owner, Corrine, ( will do a media blast.

836 Main Street, Louisville

Art hangs in 3 rooms, with space for approximately 20 pieces.  The sales are handled by the artist, and the café takes 20%. One artist hangs for 1 month at a time. The manager wants the artist to participate in the First Friday Art Walks from 6-9 PM. There will be a discount given to the artist for food and drink. The manager will advertise on social media for the artist. Call the manager to make arrangements.

210 S. Public Rd., Lafayette

There is space for 20 pieces for 1 or 2 artists who will hang for 2 months. Use the existing hooks. The artists will need an artist statement and cards. The Café will charge a 20% commission and take care of the sales, cutting a check to the artist at the end of the month. The hanging and take down should happen between 1:00 and 5:00 PM.

901 Front St., Suite B150

Contact is Katie McClave. This is a working music studio near the Art Underground. They participate in the Friday Art Walks and are on the map. 2 artists would share the hall space for 16 medium to large paintings for a 2 month rotation. The artists will need to sign an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) which can be obtained from the office manager, Erwin.

749 Main Street, Louisville

Open Monday – Thursday from 9 am to 2 pm.
Art hangs on one wall on the second floor. 2-Month Rotation, 10 pieces depending on size. Contact Dawn Burgess, assistant to the City Manager at
The City Hall has a hanging system.

922 Via Appia, Louisville

In the Police Lobby 5 pieces will hang. Two-month rotation. The lobby is open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday

800 West Via Appia, Louisville.

Contact Kathy Martin, when you will be at Rec Center to exchange paintings. The Rec Center has kindly installed an art hanging system for us to once again show our art on a monthly basis. The wall is located in the brown hallway behind the reception desk, across from the locker rooms. We will have 1 artist per month, who can hang up to 18 pieces. The Rec Center will take a 10% commission on all sales. At the end of the show a check should be made out to the City of Louisville and given to Kathy Martin at the Rec Center.

Note – There is additional hanging space in the Brooks Mine Room. There is a limit of 18 pieces between the two areas as that is the number of hooks available.  Also, there is the availability of a step ladder which is kept in the Senior Center living room, way back in the NW corner of that room.

For LAA members with art gear to sell, buy, trade or donate. Complete the form below by the 15th of the current month; ad will run for 1 month in the next newsletter, free of charge. Jane Elvins will get back to you.

Money exchanges will not be handled by LAA, nor will LAA take any responsibility for transactions.

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To request a reimbursement, download, print, and fill out the Reimbursement Form here. Bring to the next Member Meeting or mail to the address on the form. Deadline for reimbursements are at the end of the calendar year.

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