2022 Fall Member Show Uploads

You have successfully registered for the 2022 Fall Member Show! Please upload your image(s). If you choose to upload later please come back to this page or use the link provided your Confirmation email. We need your images no later than November 14th for Check-in verification. If you signed up for the Craft Show only, you have no images to upload. You can close this page now.

Important image format information before you upload:
  • File format must be Lastname-Title.jpg, Lastname-Title.jpeg, etc.
  • If you scanned your image be sure the dpi is under 325 or the upload will fail. 72-150dpi is sufficient for web images. Images produced by a camera or cell phone will not have an issue.

Once you've clicked the Submit button, if you don't receive a message that your upload was successful, please contact us