Hey LAA members: 
Have fun, get to know your fellow artists, and help out your favorite art association at the same time. When more of you sign up to volunteer…everyone benefits…and we don’t burn out! “Many hands make light work”, as the saying goes.

Volunteering makes it all happen, so sign up today!

Volunteer Policy: 
To participate in Art in Public Places (AIPP), members must volunteer 5 hours to the association. To enter a member show, members must volunteer for 2 show related activities. We have this policy in place to encourage members to volunteer because LAA runs on volunteer power!

Current Volunteer Directory

To see a directory of current ongoing positions and volunteers, click HERE

Volunteer Positions

This is a fun opportunity for anyone who loves food and people, with a side order of Mini Show! You will be in charge of putting snacks out, cleaning up afterwards, and being in charge of the mini show. Please fill out the Contact Us form if you are interested.

Sign up for a one month or more…all you need to do is tell others what to do to set up and put away the tables and chairs and make sure they are in the closet after the meeting. Turn the lights off and close/lock the doors! Easy-Peasy! For more information: Fill out the contact form on this page. Details: Instruct helpers on how to stack chairs 8 high, fit them back in the closet and to leave 4 tables and 8 chairs up when the meeting is over. Arrive at 6pm and leave when all the furnishings are put away around 8:45. In between, you get to relax and enjoy the meeting. You can sign up for a month, two months, three months or any combination…fit this job into your schedule! 

The Photographic and Digital Arts Program (PANDA Program), is a Member Program started in 2020 to broaden interest in LAA programs and activities. This program is a means of reaching out to that part of the community, served by LAA, that has interests beyond the more traditional visual arts of painting, drawing, sketching, etc.

Volunteer Teams