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December 3, 2022 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Instructor: Annie Gifford

801 Grant Ave, Louisville, CO 80027

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Come join us for some fun sharing our common enthusiasm for art!

In this workshop, we will divide a picture of a rose into 9 segments, and each segment will be painted with a different color scheme or technique. The end result will resemble a subtle patchwork quilt. We will experiment with a variety of materials to create interesting textures in our paintings as well as explore ways to mix exciting neutrals and grays that have a different “twist”.

Students will bring their own painting materials, and I will supply the photo we will be using as inspiration as well as some supplies to share. I’ll demonstrate each technique as we go along. The techniques we will be working with best lend themselves to watercolor but could be tried with acrylics.

I look forward to painting together!


Anne Gifford paints with watercolor where she builds
successive layers of color to create her vibrant, rich, and detailed paintings.
She has lived in Boulder since 1976 and finds inspiration in the natural beauty of Colorado. Light, shadows, rocks, water, mountains, canyons, wildlife and whimsy are all part of her subject matter as she brings her own unique vision to her work.

She is an award winning artist and the eight time poster artist for the
Bolder Boulder 10K Memorial Day Race.
Among other awards, her paintings have been chosen to represent
the 150th Anniversary of Boulder County
and the 40th Anniversary of Boulder County Open Space.
She was an artist/owner of the Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery,
where she displayed her work and networked with local artists for over 40 years.

One of the most rewarding aspects of her long career is that it has provided her
with the opportunity to bring joy into the lives of others with her artwork,
and that is why she paints.

See Annie’s work on her website:

Some of Annie’s work:

Suggested Watercolor Supply List

Good places to shop in Boulder: Guiry’s, Michaels
*140# or heavier watercolor paper. Either an individual sheet taped to a painting board (which can be anything from a
scrap of smooth cardboard to the nice plastic watercolor backing boards sold at art stores). Pre-made watercolor blocks
(pads) with the gummed edges to hold the sheets together work fine, too. I have been happy with Arches and Lanaquarelle
brands of paper. Here are my favorite Arches pads:×14-300-cp

  • Watercolor brushes of your choice. A good starter set would be a #3 round, a #6 or #8 round, and a 1/2” flat brush.
    Don’t go for the ultra cheap sets…..the brush can be synthetic but needs to retain some firmness when wet. I like the lower
    cost Simply Simmons brushes with a pearly white handle….an awesome brush for the price! If you want to add in a few
    specialty brushes, I also enjoy my “rake” brush for grassy details, hair, and textures, etc. (I’ll show you my rake brush in
  • A container for water to paint with
  • A handful of paper towels
  • *Masking tape
  • *Art masking fluid (be sure it says removable….NOT the permanent variety) Two favorites of mine are the Windsor Newton
    removable art masking fluid and the Incredible White Mask liquid frisket.
  • A few toothpicks and an old, retired paintbrush to apply the masking fluid with.
  • A baggie of table and/or kosher salt. The more types of salt, the better: black, pink, and the large ice cream maker salt
    all achieve a variety of fun effects.
  • A @ 10” x 10”-ish square of both waxed paper and saran wrap, or at least the saran wrap (these are both great for
    creating texture).
  • a small piece of sponge, a cut up kitchen sponge is fine, larger sea sponges are good, too
  • a Palette to mix paint. White plastic palettes have individual wells or recesses to separate the colors. Here is the one that
    I use:×12
  • Paints: Tubes are often richer in color, but boxes are fine if that is what you have or prefer. If you are trying to avoid a
    huge investment, buying a prepackaged watercolor tube set with 8 – 10 basic colors in it is a good option to consider. I
    like Windsor Newton or Holbein’s artist series tube paints. The Windsor Newton student grade tube paints are less
    expensive and work well enough, too, but some colors are not as pure as in the artist series. I have indicated below the
    colors that are worth buying in the artist series.

    If you already have some supplies, just use what you have and we’ll go from there. If you like using the tubes, I’ve listed
    my favorite colors, and as you continue to paint, I’m sure you will find some of your own. If you would prefer to start with
    the minimum number of colors that are necessary, I have marked the ones from which most colors can be mixed with an
    asterisk. Those would be the colors to purchase first.
    *Cadmium and/or Lemon Yellow
    Cadmium Red
    Opera Rose
    Alizarin Red or Permanent Rose
    *Ultramarine Blue
    Cobalt Blue
    Verditer Blue
    *Cerulean Blue (get the artist series as opposed to student grade…more $ but worth it)
    *Prussian Blue or Phtalocyanine Blue
    Raw Sienna
    Burnt Sienna
    *Burnt Umber
    Cobalt Violet
    *Quinacridone Magenta
    Quinacridone Gold
    *Naples Yellow (get the artist series)
    Sap Green
    *Viridian Green
    Raw Umber
    *Payne’s Gray

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December 17, 2022, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Instructor: Murth Murthy

801 Grant Ave, Louisville, CO 80027

Member $55.00
AG/Partner $65.00
​Non-member $75.00

This class/Workshop is for those of you that have been using Photoshop and have been either out of touch because Photoshop has moved on or want to get up to date with its latest version or would just like a refresher if you feel rusty.

If you are wondering if you have enough Photoshop experience to benefit from this workshop, please use the form in the registration tab to contact us.

We will cover the following:

A quick refresher on such topics as Selections, Tools of Photoshop, layers, masks etc. These topics will be taken up as we get to each one of them giving you the ability to better follow the class.

A review of all the new features that have been introduced in Photoshop since the Covid-19 shutdown — there are quite a few— and how to use them. Many of these features now use AI (Artificial Intelligence.) and are amazing in what they do.

There are many hidden features in Photoshop and books don’t help you in getting to know them. I will point out these features and what they do. This makes Photoshop a lot more enjoyable to work with.

There are many areas of Photoshop that are frustrating to the point you just want to give up.
But don’t do it! They aren’t that hard to learn, it is just that no one has pointed them out to you. Most of them so simple.

We will also work with you to show you some amazing things that you can do with Photoshop that you didn’t even know existed. Example: Get every thing in sharp focus, say in macro-Photography. This is called “Focus Stacking” I Will give you step by step instructions on how to use these features.

How about Layers and Masks? Many struggle with them, yet these are the most powerful features in Photoshop. We’ll explain Layers and Masks in a simple form so you become comfortable with them and can use and even enjoy them.

Lastly, how about the many hidden capabilities of Photoshop? I call them “Tips, Tricks and Techniques” in Photoshop. You don’t find these in books. Someone has to show you.

You can even do paintings in Photoshop and I’ll show you how I do it.

It is a lot, but we’ll try to show you as much as possible and have fun while we do it. And there will be handouts with all of our Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to keep by your side as you work with Photoshop at home.

Murth Murthy

  • Former Freelance Cameraman for CBS News,
  • Former Freelance Cameraman for NBC News,
  • Invited by Adobe Inc. to be one of their Beta Testers for their Photoshop CS5 &CS6 Extended
  • Invited by the Osher Institute of Colorado State University to teach Photoshop & Lightroom.
  • Instructor for Photo Workshops entitled “Advanced Black & White Photography using the Zone System”.
  • Instructor for Photoshop Workshops entitled “Digital World in Photography” using Adobe Photoshop. He is a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). Also gives private lessons in Photoshop, Lightroom (All levels) & Painter – a program for artists.
  • Winner of three Gold Medals and two Ribbons for his photographs at the Annual Conference of the New England Camera Club Council held at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst July 1992, a gold medal and three ribbons in 1993, three ribbons in 1994 and two blue ribbons and a gold medal again in 1999.
  • Distinguished speaker at the Conference of the New England Camera Club Council, University of Massachusetts, Amherst July 1997. (Attended by 1500 photographers.) Was a speaker on Digital photography, at the conference in July 2001 and was again invited to speak on Digital Photography in July, 2003, to packed audiences. Has given a series of lectures on Digital Photography there.
  • Has tested pre-release films for Eastman Kodak, Rochester NY, for 15 years
  • Author of a book titled “Tips, Tidbits and Truths in Photography”
  • Former member of the Board of Directors, New England School of Photographic Arts.
  • Photography and Digital Photography teacher at: The Senior Center and at the Senior Net, Front Range Community College, Longmont CO.
  • Teacher of Corel Painter, a program for Artists to do their art through the computer.

He has won awards for his photographs and paintings at: The New England School of Photography, New England Camera Club Council, Candlewood Camera Club, St. Vrain Photographic Society, Boulder Art Association, Flatirons Camera Club, Associated Camera Clubs, Boulder Fair, Pixilated Palette Digital contest, National Association of Photoshop Professionals Guru Awards, Missoula Art Museum, Yellowstone Art Museum. Part of permanent collection in the Orthopedic Center building in Longmont CO. and many more!


BSc in Physics and Optics

BS in Electrical Engineering

MS in Electronics, University of Pennsylvania.

Laptop computer with Photoshop CC installed. If you don’t have an Adobe subscription, you can download a 30 day trial from by clicking HERE. You can select all adobe products (includes Photoshop) or just download Photoshop by scolling to the photoshop listing.

Note that even though there is an iPad version of Photoshop, this workshop will only cover the desktop/laptop versions of the software. (either Windows or Mac).

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AG/Partner $65.00
​Non-member $75.00
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NO MORE DABBLERS THIS YEAR! For next year, if you are interested in a special technique or can teach a special topic, please let Helen Harrison know.

Member $20.00 | AG/Partner $25.00 | Non-member $30.00
LAA and BAG Members: User your member code during check-out for a discounted price.

LAA and BAG Members: To get the discounted price, use your member code during check-out. Discount code can be found in your membership confirmation email and in the Member Center on the website.

Note: Full refunds, less credit card fees if paid by buyer, are available up to four weeks before the beginning of the workshop. After that, the student must find a replacement and negotiate payment with the replacement. If you need to cancel, contact us. The team may be able to help find a replacement.